Oxygen permeability tester for flexible packages, stiff containers and PET bottles.

  • PC controlled measurement system with automatic end measurement.
  • System able to carry out measurements at different humidity values inside to the sample.
  • Automatic adjustment of the gas carrier flow according to the required sensitivity.
  • Automatic barometric compensation system.
  • Results expressed in standard units: cm3·pkg-1·24h-1·bar-1
  • Simultaneous measurement of two distinct samples
  • Supplied complete with PC (Windows OS) and LCD display
  • PackPerm software included
  • PackPerm software developed on Labview platform® allows you to easily perform oxygen permeability (O2TR) analysis and also to calibrate the instrument through a simple step-by-step procedure.

O2TR measured in accordance with ASTM F1307 and DIN 53380-3 standards.
Both standards require that the sample to be measured be sealed using epoxy resin.

NORME: PackPerm complies with the norms DIN 53380-3 and ASTM F1307 for OTR measurements through packages.

PackPerm is an instrument that measures oxygen permeability through packages used in Food,Beverage, Pharma and Healtcare applications.
PackPerm can be used for testing the barrier to oxygen (O2TR) both of pouches, packages, small containers, tubes and PET bottles with new barrier or multilayers polymers, new bottles made of biodegradable plastic turning caps, Easy Cap, or Pull & Push and crowns, corks (natural and synthetic) of glass bottles as well.
PackPerm is suitable for testing both the smallest permeations through materials forming the package and any microscopic leakages caused for example by bad coupling of the closures.
The measurement of O2TR performed with PackPerm are non-destructive in case of open packages; otherwise for closed packages only two small holes are required in the sample to carry out the test. The extreme sensitivity has been obtained using a coulometric type sensor. Measurements are performed at ambient oxygen concentration and at different values of inside relative humidity, at room temperature.
All functions are controlled by software.
PackPerm complies with the norms DIN 53380-3 and ASTM F1307 for OTR measurements through packages.

Test Range O2 0.0001-5 cm3·pkg-1·24h-1·bar-1
Test Sample Size Packages, boxes, PET bottles, corks, …
Number of simultaneous sample 2
Test temperature range Room temperature monitored by software
Relative humidity (Oside) Room RH Monitored by software
Relative humidity (N2 side) 0, 30-90%
Carrier flow (N2) 12-36 ml/min automatically controlled
Carrier gas N2 5.0 + 1% H2 mix
N2 Pressure 2.0 bar
Gas connections 1 x Standard Ham-Let 1/8″
Software LabView based with USB interface
PC with preinstalled software WindowsTM OS and LCD monitor
Power supply 100-220 AC, 50-60 Hz (400 W max)
Apparatus size (cm) 41W / 61 D / 31 H (computer not included)