(WVTR) Advanced Epoxy – based anticorrosion coatings containing graphite oxide vedi dettagli
(O2) Assesment on the effects of 2NO and coated 2NO particles on iPP and PLA Properties for application in food packaging  vedi dettagli
CO2 SIOx – based multilayer barrier coatings produced by a single PECVD process  vedi dettagli
(O2) Transparent Pullulan/Mica Nanocomposite coatings with outstanding oxygen barrier Properties  vedi dettagli
Silicon oxide barrier coatings deposited on polymer materials for application in food packaging industry   vedi dettagli
Novel “broken” barrier layer in Siox-based flexible barrier coatings   vedi dettagli
Thin and ultraphin plasma polymers films and their characterization   vedi dettagli
Thermal, rheological and barrier properties of water borne acrylic nanocomposite Coatings based on boehmite or organic modified montmorillonite   vedi dettagli
Microfibrillated cellulose and borax as mechanical O2 – barrier and surface – modulating agents of pullulan biocomposite coatings on BOPP  vedi dettagli