(O2) Transparent Pullulan/Mica Nanocomposite coatings with outstanding oxygen barrier Properties  vedi dettagli
(WVTR) Mechanochemical exfoliation of graphite and its Polyvinyl alcohol nanocomposites with enanched barrier properties   vedi dettagli
(O2) Plasticized and nanofilled PLA – based Cast films: effect of plasticizer and organoclay on processability and final properties    vedi dettagli
(O2 CO2) Comparison of shelf life of packed foodstuffs in use of PE and PE nanocomposites    vedi dettagli
(O2 WVTR) with bimetallic (Ag – Cu) nanoparticles and cinnamon essential oil for chicken meat and packaging applications   vedi dettagli
Formation and oxygen diffusion barrier properties of fish gelatin/natural sodium mountmorillonite clay self assembled multilayers onto the biopolyester surface  vedi dettagli
Thermomechanical and barrier properties of UV-cured epoxy/o-montmorillonite Nanocomposites  vedi dettagli
Thermal, rheological and barrier properties of water borne acrylic nanocomposite Coatings based on boehmite or organic modified montmorillonite   vedi dettagli
Deciphering the potential of guargum/Ag Cu nanocomposite film sas an active food packaging material   vedi dettagli
Effect of the oxidation degree on self-assembly, adsorption and barrier properties of nano-graphene vedi dettagli
UV Curing of perfluoropolyether oligomers containing graphene nonosheet to enhance water-vapor barrier properties   vedi dettagli
Application of antimicrobial nanocomposites in ready to eat meat products    vedi dettagli
Comparative performance of PP based nanocomposites versus multilayered material for shelf life of ready to eat met products  vedi dettagli
Development of films of novel polypropylene based nanomaterials for food packaging application  vedi dettagli
Oxygen and water vapor barrier properties of MMT nanocomposites from LDPE or EPM with grafted succinics groups   vedi dettagli
Physical properties of PLA/clay nanocomposite films: effect of filler and annealing treatment  vedi dettagli
Graphene oxide bionanocomposite coatings with high oxygen barrier properties   vedi dettagli
Evaluation of cristallinity and gas barrier properties of films obtained from PLA nanocomposites with silane – modified nanosilica and montmorillonite   vedi dettagli
Exceptional oxygen barrier performance of pullulan nanocomposites with ultra low loading of graphene oxide   vedi dettagli
Transparent pullulan/mica, nanocomposite coatings with outstanding oxygerbarrier properties   vedi dettagli