(O2) Assesment on the effects of 2NO and coated 2NO particles on iPP and PLA 
Properties for application in food packaging 
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(WVTR O2 CO2) Evaluation of flexible packaging structures for high pressure sterilization vedi dettagli
PA – Nanocomposites
(O2) Fully biobased nanocomposite
Formulations for packaging application 
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(O2) Plasticized and nanofilled PLA – based 
Cast films: effect of plasticizer and organoclay on processability and final properties   
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(O2) Foaming of Polylactide in the presence of chain extender    vedi dettagli
Influence of different packaging materials in the raspberries quality supplain chain    vedi dettagli
Chitosan/Whey protein film as active coating to extend ricotta cheese shelf life   vedi dettagli
Formation and oxygen diffusion barrier properties of fish gelatin/natural sodium mountmorillonite clay self assembled multilayers onto the biopolyester surface  vedi dettagli
Deciphering the potential of guargum/Ag Cu nanocomposite film sas an active food packaging material   vedi dettagli
Swelling, mechanical, and barrier properties of albedo-based films prepared in the presence of phaseolin cross – linked or not by transglutaminase vedi dettagli
Physical properties of PLA/clay nanocomposite films: effect of filler and annealing treatment  vedi dettagli
PLA properties as a conseguence of poly(butene adipate-co-terephthalate) blending and acetyl tributil citrate plasticization    vedi dettagli
Cross-linked amylose bio-plastic
A trangenic based compostable plastic alternative  
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All natural bio-plastics using starch betaglucan composites  vedi dettagli
Evaluation of cristallinity and gas barrier properties of films obtained from PLA nanocomposites with silane – modified nanosilica and montmorillonite   vedi dettagli
Exceptional oxygen barrier performance of pullulan nanocomposites with ultra low loading of graphene oxide   vedi dettagli
Microfibrillated cellulose and borax as mechanical O2 – barrier and surface – modulating agents of pullulan biocomposite coatings on BOPP  vedi dettagli