The gas permeability of plastic films, well known as barrier property, is of primary importance in food and pharmaceutical packaging. In fact the capability to preserve the content of the packaging from the contact with air is fundamental for a right and healthy shelf-life of the products.

ExtraSolution, instruments for measuring the permeability of different gases through films, bags, small containers used in food or pharmaceutical packaging and other objects such as bottles, caps and taps used in beverage industries. ExtraSolution’s Perm Line includes instruments for testing oxygen permeability (O2TR), water vapour (WVTR) permeability and carbon dioxide permeability (CO2TR).

The instruments are produced in close cooperation with some leader sector companies, with a special care in matching the needs of the industrial R&D and the quality control labs. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, the reliability and the excellent quality price ratio of the instruments, ExtraSolution reached immediately a remarked position in the European panorama of permeability measurements.

The ExtraSolution products, working in close cooperation with different research labs they have been developed using advanced solutions for any customer’s specific requirement. Preferring ExtraSolution means choosing a product, a quality and a post-sale support all “Made in Italy”.