Permtech is pleased to present a new product, a permeability tester for hydrogen gas. The electronic evolution and the new challenges on energy storage and hydrogen transport require new tests on materials and Permtech responds to these new needs with an easy-to-use, reliable, precise and above all safe instrument. A dynamic measurement technique without overpressure, a precise acquisition of data with intervals of 10 seconds, the possibility of adjusting both temperature and relative humidity allow to verify the characteristics of the materials in a simple, fast way, with a multilingual interface, with an export of data in .pdf format but also in text format for greater versatility also with other applications. Finally, the possibility of remote control to offer the best possible work experience.

The system is safe, the hydrogen gas before being released back into the environment is premixed with nitrogen in order to eliminate possible risks of fire and explosion, the software completely manages all phases and controls flow rates, concentrations and all parameters in order to guarantee a practical, reliable and completely safe measurement.