(WVTR O2 CO2) Evaluation of flexible packaging structures for high pressure sterilization see details
(O2 CO2) Comparison of shelf life of packed foodstuffs in use of PE and PE nanocomposites    see details
(O2 WVTR) with bimetallic (Ag – Cu) nanoparticles and cinnamon essential oil for chicken meat and packaging applications  see details
Low O2 master bag for beef patties: effects of primary package permeability and structure    see details
Effect of palletized map storage on the quality and nutritional compounds of the Japanese plum angeleno  see details
Effect of the oxidation degree on self-assembly, adsorption and barrier properties of nano-graphene see details
Oxygen and water vapor barrier properties of MMT nanocomposites from LDPE or EPM with grafted succinics groups   see details
Cross-linked amylose bio-plastic
A trangenic based compostable plastic alternative  
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