CarboPack BT

Carbon Dioxide Permeability Tester


Carbon dioxide permeability tester with embedded controls of temperature.

  • High and low carbonated drinks analysis
  • PET and Glass bottles (cork leakage)
  • Short analysis time
  • Fully software driven
  • Very low detection limit 0.0013 cc/24 h
  • Peltier heating / cooling system
  • High IR sensor resolution 0.1 ppm (CO02)
  • Custom size double chamber
  • Barometric compensation
  • Sequential analysis
  • Graphic software interface
  • Points saved
  • Data logging

NORMS: CO2 is revealed by measuring the spectrum of absorbance at the wavelength of 4.3 μm so as claimed in the ASTM F2476 norm. 

CarboPack BT is an instrument that performs measurements of carbon dioxide permeability for accurate shelf life forecast useful in the beverage and general packaging (bread, cheese, coffee, etc) applications.
CarboPack BT can be used for testing carbon dioxide permeability of carbonated beverages through PET bottles and also through corks (natural and synthetic), crowns of glass bottles filled with sparkling wines or drinks.
Measurements of CO2TR performed with CarboPack BT are non-destructive and really quick. Usually a measurement takes less than 1 hour and not several weeks or months like other conventional methods need.
CarboPack BT is suitable for testing both the smallest permeations (best detection limit on the market) through materials forming the package and macroscopic leakages caused, for example, by breaks or faulty weldings.
The extreme sensitivity has been reached using a non-dispersive infrared gas sensor based upon a dual wavelength IR detection subsystem, thermostatically controlled and pressure compensated.
Thanks to this and to the proprietary electronic board, CarboPack BT can determine the CO2TR also in the presence of high values of relative humidity (optional) . In this way it is possible to perform measurements in conditions as close as possible to the real ones and evaluating also the influence of moisture on the CO2 permeability of the materials or coatings used for producing the bottles. CarboPack BT is equipped with a cooling-heating thermal control system that verifies the changes of the barrier properties along with temperature. All the functions are software controlled.

Test range CO2 0.0013-100 cm3·pkg-1·24h-1
Test Sample Size Packages, boxes, PET bottles, corks
Test temperature range 10-50° C
Relative humidity (N2 side) 30-90%
Carrier flow (N2) 10-75 ml/min automatically controlled
Carrier gas N2 pure (5.0 or 5.5 P.A.)
N2 pressure 2.0 bar
Gas connections 1 Standard Ham-Let 1/8″
Software LabView based with USB interface
PC with preinstalled software WindowsTM OS and LCD monitor
Power supply 100-220 AC 50-60 Hz
Apparatus size (cm) 41 W / 61D / 31 H