All Extrasolution analysers are fully drived by a clear, intuitive multi-language software based on the LabView ® graphical platform Windows ® based.

All the necessary settings such as temperature, relative humidity and all control parameters as well as the protocols can be easily inserted both in guided and direct mode. The user can program sequential measurements on the same sample with the possibility to change all the available parameters such as e.g. type of gas test (in multi-gas models) but also temperature, humidity, etc. Manual or automatic end of measurement at operator’s discretion.

Very intuitive data acquisition and archiving to facilitate the recall of the same and for the next import with other spreadsheets. Measurement reports are automatically saved in .html format for easy deployment, raw data fully saved in text mode.

Maximum operational security, multi-user access with password, encrypted code on the anti-burglary measurement report, encrypted calibration file. Possibility of complete technical support via network with the help of remote desktop software. Complete system diagnostics integrated.